About Vanguard Training

Vanguard Training was founded by a former soldier, engineer and college lecturer with extensive experience in first aid, health and safety and education. It is our passion here at Vanguard to provide the very best training, in a comfortable location and relaxed atmosphere. This means that all learners leave our courses with the skills, knowledge and the confidence to apply their learning to a real life scenario.

Employers have a legal obligation to provide suitable first-aid equipment and facilities, to enable immediate assistance to be given to staff if they are injured or become ill at work. As all Vanguard Training Courses are accredited by Qualsafe Awards, you as an employer can rest assured that the qualification meets all of the requirements set out by the HSE. This means that your legal obligation to employees can be met without the need to carry out lengthy and complex due diligence.

HM Government has proposed that all new nursery and pre-school staff will be required to undertake paediatric first aid training, this scheme came into effect in September 2016. Our Paediatric qualifications meet all OFSTED requirements so you can rest assured that the training you or your staff receive will be relevant and approved.

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